Roadside Assistance Services

Roadside Assistance

We are well equipped to help you immediately when you come across the stressful situations like an emergency breakdown or vehicle napping. We at motorman take immense pride in providing round the clock assistance to our clients through general advice over the phone and roadside service. The sole objective of MOTORMAN’s Roadside Assistance is to delicately support its members and provide an array of comprehensive services absolutely free of cost. MOTORMAN promises a professional team of highly skilled roadside consultants at your service round the clock.

Accident /Breakdown Towing Service

If the customer meets with an accident or Breakdown and the Drive cannot be continued, Motorman will tow the vehicle to any garage of the customer’s choice anywhere in the UAE. We are well Familiarize with the unlikely situations of the car getting immobilized due to some unavoidable circumstances and issues. This situation is desperate indeed and your vehicle needs immediate assistance of an expert towing service provider for quick recovery. Motorman relies upon ultramodern means of towing according to the car and provides professional assistance keeping the extent of damage in mind. Motorman offers excellent towing services at nom rates so that you get the best help at the time of your NEED.

Battery Boost Service

Where the vehicle’s battery is dead for whatever reason, Motorman will jump-start the vehicle to enable the members to carry on with their journey. We are a dedicated team of highly skilled professionals and are well equipped to help you out in the best possible way. So, no need of getting panicked if you come across such a situation, as we at Motorman are pledged to ensure that you drive smoothly by providing battery boost services

Flat tyre Service

Motorman will change the flat tire with a spare tire. If no spare tire is available, Motorman will tow the vehicle to the dealer’s garage or the nearest tire shop within UAE. Whenever you encounter the situation of flat tire, the best thing for you would be to slow down your vehicle gradually and pull it off the road as soon as possible. If you think of driving even after noticing flat tire, it can be lethal and may even result in losing control of your car leading to casualties.

Fuel Delivery Service

Just imagine that while driving you suddenly come across the worst nightmare that you are out of fuel. The situation is really capable of creating panic. Calm down as Motorman is there to help you out. We have all the capabilities to move you back on the track. We provide adequate fuel right on the spot so that you can travel to the nearest re-fueling station or, we can even arrange a tow in the worst condition. Motorman will ensure delivery of fuel directly to the members when they require the same. If you are a member, you need to only pay the cost of the fuel

Lockout Service

The most dreadful situation will be realizing that the keys are locked in your car. This situation can be faced by anybody, anywhere, anytime. If the keys are locked inside the vehicle, Motorman will make attempts to gain access to the keys so that the members can carry on with their journey. Do not get panicked if you come across such a situation; just give us a call, and we will make sure that the issue is resolved quickly without any hassles.